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Christian in College

Christian in College

The idea behind my project completely changed following the discussion we had in class on Tuesday. I had originally planned on focusing on disability and how the daily life is impacted when you cope with a disability. After class, I realized how much of my life and life choices are impacted because of my religion and I wanted that mentality to be reflected in my final project,

The concept Christian in College was created shortly after that realization. I wanted to have the chance to showcase some of my beliefs and how I feel about certain issues within society. In addition, I wanted to relate religion to some of the topics we discussed in class in an effort to show a different perspective. I decided to showcase the commercialization of activism, disability, and the representation of the LGBT community within the media. Relating all three of these topics back to religion was my ultimate goal but I did not want my stance on these issues to overpower and take away the message of my podcast.

I chose to use my personal experience of traveling on mission trips and serving as the hands and feet of God to convey my opinion on the commercialization of activism. While I do believe people utilize their charity and activism work to better their social media profile and overall image, I don’t believe everyone does. This article, found in the Longview News-Journal showcases the positives that can come from doing mission work and aligns closely with how I feel. I took this article and incorporated my own experience to discuss the misinterpretation of mission trips in my podcast.

Serving the Lord at a mission trip in Gatlinburg, TN

When it comes to the beliefs of questioning God and why bad things happen to good people, I understand the struggles everyone has. I often question God and the choices he is making in my life. I can’t imagine how those with disabilities feel in regards to that. This topic for my podcast was inspired directly by my sister, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has been candid about her struggles with Spina Bifida but has just recently opened up about her struggles with her faith. Advocating for those with disabilities is a part of who I am and discussing this in my podcast was an obvious choice to share my opinion on.

My sister and inspiration, Kaitlyn.

The third topic I chose to discuss was the misrepresentation of the LGBT community in the media. More specifically, I wanted to discuss the stereotype that all Christians are against the LGBT community. My church is very open towards the LGBT community and now marches in our local pride parade annually. In addition, this article about a confirmation class in the Methodist church inspired me to showcase the positive support stemming from some branches of Christianity.

Members of the Worthington United Methodist Church marching in Pride.

Overall, my idea was to showcase my opinion on certain topics that are relevant in our society. In an effort to differentiate, I wanted to tie my religion back to each of these topics because my religion is the basis behind who I am.

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