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I n t e r s e c t i o n a l i t y

Imagine we are all a butterfly like the ones pictured above. Each and every butterfly is unique in its own way. However, when capturers take the butterflies some already have a preference of which butterflies are more special than others. Why is one butterfly a more popular preference than the other butterflies? I don’t know, but that’s basically how I interpret intersectionality.

Intersectionality is the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage; a theoretical approach based on such a premise. This term was “coined” by Dr. Kimberlee Crenshaw back in 1989. She noted that the lack of terms that recognized the ‘overlapping’ systems of oppression socially and legally in our society.

Then in terms of feminism, white feminist has their own label because even from the 20th century white figureheads like Susan B. Anthony and Abbey Stone excluded women of color and women of the lower class to support their endeavors to gain women’s rights. Transition to today’s society and we have women who sexually shame, and don’t support one another based off of their skin tone, classism, and sexual orientation. From supporting the closings of abortion clinics, supporting a misogynistic president [Donald Trump], to not supporting their ‘sisters of colors’ feminism without addressing a supporting all the different marginalized groups is just white supremacy.

No other marginalized groups’ oppression is worse than another’s. Oppression is oppression. Racism, classism, ableism, sexuality, religion, and gender all play a part in intersectionality. From religion impacting and sadly enforcing ideals like Islamophobia to create a new oppressed group based on religious beliefs. To ableism where people mistreat disabled people and not even physically but also mentally as well. Nobody is truly freed from oppression, but we can try to understand each others’ struggles and use our voice to help the oppressed. Everyone has something that differentiates them another, but

Intersectionality impacts every single person on this earth whether they know it or not. Cisgendered, white, males are marked as the head of the totem pole and on average non-binary people of color are put towards the bottom of the pole. Why has society put white straight males in charge? When you think of people with power, what are some identifying characteristics? Describe some ways in which you have power? Comment below what’s your thoughts.


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