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Amanda Baxter

My name is Amanda Baxter. I am a sophomore at The University of Tampa. I am a student athlete on my schools tennis team. I also am a communications major and enjoy writing. Please enjoy my articles!

Amor Dominguez

I am a senior at The University of Tampa majoring in Advertising and Public Relation with a minor in Sport Management.

Andrew Kosinski

Hi, my name is Andrew Kosinski and I am a current senior at the University of Tampa. I was born and raised in Albany, New York and am the oldest of 3 siblings. Growing up I was a super active child and a huge fan of sports, videogames and reading. If I wasn’t spending my time outside playing soccer, climbing trees or riding my bike I was inside reading chapter books. As I grew up some things changed and some things stayed the same. One thing that never left me was my love for soccer. You can usually find me around campus wearing a soccer jersey, watching soccer, taking about soccer, playing soccer or any other related soccer activity (I’m a little bit obsessed). Along with soccer I also like to be active and take on a variety of new things. If I like something that I am unfamiliar with, I will throw myself into it head first and try to learn more. Overall, I would say that I am a pretty active and energetic person. There are times when I like to take it slow, but for the most part I am always ready to learn and experience more. I hope that my articles reflect my characteristics in them and accurately demonstrate who I am as a person today.

Ayana Latimore

Ayana is an Advertising and Public Relations major at the University of Tampa.


Camille VanBuskirk

Camille is a communication studies major and Spanish minor at the University of Tampa. She is experienced in the digital marketing field and has a passion for writing.

Carli Greco

Carli Greco is a sophomore communications major with a minor in public relations at the University of Tampa. She is hoping to continue her focus in the entertainment industry and the media, specifically television.


I am a junior studying Public Relations at the University of Tampa. Currently, I am working at Busch Gardens on the PR team. In my free time, I love going to theme parks, sporting events, and concerts!

Cori Dawson

Cori Dawson is a junior studying Communications in school. She hopes to used her communications skills to spread awareness about social issues she cares about.

Isabella Chehade

Izzy is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, studying Advertising and Public relations with a concentration in Creative Advertising.



20. Southern Belle. Communications major with a concentration of Advertising & Public Relations.

Nikola Marijan

My name is Nikola Marijan and I am currently a senior at the University of Tampa. I am graduating in May with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications. I am originally from Serbia, coming to the United States 5 years ago. I was previously a NCAA basetball player for Division 1 and 2. I want to work in sports communication after I graduate. Sports have always been my passion and I look forward to having a career oriented around them.


Olivia Bruns

Senior of Advertising at the University of Tampa.

Sara Lattman

Sara Lattman is a senior at The University of Tampa, majoring in Advertising & Public Relations, with a concentration in PR. Lattman is currently focused on finishing out her last undergraduate semester and applying to graduate programs to obtain her master’s degree in strategic communication. At The University of Tampa, Sara is involved in the Public Relations Student Society of America and occasionally writes opinion pieces for the student newspaper, The Minaret. Additionally, in the Fall of 2018, Lattman did a research project alongside Beth Eschenfelder, a communications professor, and presented the topic at the Florida Collegiate Honors Council Conference in February.


My name is Shannon Ross, I am a junior at the University of Tampa studying communications.

Sheridan Sundstrom

Tembila Davis

Tembila Davis is a student of the University of Tampa, majoring in advertising and Public Relations. She is currently exploring topics such as multicultural and pro-social strategic communication, and media writing.


I am a junior at The University of Tampa with a major in Advertising and Public Relations. I enjoy drag queens, gay culture, LGBT Social activism, and LGBT History.



Tara Sahli is a junior musical theatre and communications major at the University of Tampa. She hopes to attend law school and eventually work in entertainment and sports law.